Monday, February 8, 2010

Take it or leave it.

This is the phrase that each one of us should always be reminded of specially that the 2010 elections is drawing nearer. Now, the challenge lies behind us-youth. This is the time to reflect on what are we going to do so that true change will reign in this country for the betterment of our citizens. We should not wait for others to act on our behalf. Remember, we should always be responsible for every act we are going to take. Let us stop procrastination if we really want true change for this land that has been left behind by many countries in terms of progress and development. Many says that youth are the true hope for every nation. Now, the question is: Where are the youths of the Philippines. We should always be prepared especially that we are the genuine holder of the key that would lead us to genuine change. Change for the better. Change for true freedom. Change for clean politics. Change for the educational systems and instruction. Change for equal protection. Change for true Christians. We will be able to obtain these aspirations and changes that all of us are hoping for if each and everyone of us will accept the challenge. Let us not waste our single vote. Every vote counts. Every vote could make as difference. Every vote could be an agent for change that all of us are hoping for. Now, the challenge is within yourself. Take it or leave it. Let us act because through our correct and right actions the very hope for change will be met.

Ramie "Prof. Dice""Pichay"