Sunday, December 20, 2009


Christmas is the most awaited season of all seasons in the entire human race. Christmas is not just a celebration of life but is also a celebration of hope, peace and love. Christmas is uniquely designed by God the father to give hope for the lost, last and the least.

Friday, December 11, 2009

"The Island Paradise"

From the lush patches of green forested mountains, to the seemingly never ending stretch of immaculate white sandy beaches, to the colorful array of coral reefs teeming with unique marine life ideally blanketing the sun-reflected blue sea best for snorkeling, scuba diving and other water sports. Siquijor is renowned for its very majestic and beautiful sites that awe any spelunker. I take Siquijor as one of the best tourist spots in the entire world for its unique and brilliant places. Based on statistical record, Siquijor has at least 45 beautiful and amazing caves. Stalactites and stalagmites of different formations coupled with a grand view of waterfalls cascading in a series of rock basins. Siquijor is also home of various fauna and flora with so many endemic species that can only be found at the very core of the island's province. Siquijor is also known for its mystical healing and folks ritual. Siquijor is a haven place for every family who wants a place where they can relax and where they can spend quality time with each other. Siquijor is tagged for its zero (0) percet crime rate. Siquijor is also home to beautiful beaches with a very fine white and pristine sands. All these personal manifestations of mine is a living fact and a living proof that Siquijor is your ordinary place to stay with but with extra ordinary GOD given natural resources.

Visit and Enjor your stay at Siquijor. The place where you can really say an ISLAND of PARADISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yours truly,


Tuesday, December 8, 2009


The declaration of martial law in Maguindanao is a thing that we all Filipinos should be involved of. We Filipinos must be vigilant enough with this move of the government. Even though the Arroyo administration is always insisting that the declaration of the said military rule was due to a rebellion that is allegedly planned by the Ampatuan clans against the government, still we should be watchful and observant. As the late US President Jonh F. Kennedy said " Do not dare to ask what the nation can give to you, but ask yourself of what you can give to the nation." Let us make ourselves be the vanguard of our own freedom and of our own country. Our freedom is the most precious treasure that we have in our country, let it not be taken again by others who are greed in power. I firmly believe that the declaration of a state of martial law in Maguindanao is a good move made by the administration so that immediate justice for the victims of the massacre will be served, but the declaration violates the provisions in the constitution. One does not have to be a lawyer or a Bachelor of Law holder just to interpret the clear statements in the constitution. It states that the President may impose a state of martial law if any act of invasion or rebellion happened, but the situation in Maguindanao is very different. There was no any act of rebellion or invasion in the said province but only an intelligence report that a rebellion is being planned. Such move is unconstitutional and should be rebuked by the congress at the soonest possible time. I do believe that our senators and the member of the House of Representatives are intelligent people and most of them are lawyers so I hope that they will not use their political affiliation for them to be influenced by the palace. May they be enlightened by the power of God for them to derive a good and justifiable assessment and decision on the declaration of martial law. May they not disappoint the Filipino community even just for this time.


Monday, November 30, 2009

Maguindanao Massacre

In behalf of my fellow Siquijodnons, I greatly condemn the massacre that took place last November 23 killing more that 60 persons. It was a barbaric act that is not of human but of an animal. Being a student journalist and being an ordinary people, I would like to ask the President of the Republic of the Philippines to take immediate action in the heinous act that happened in Maguindanao. Being a leader, she should let justice rains amid political ties and political debts. Her tasked is not to protect the political dynasties that brought her to the highest post in the land, but to safeguard the entire nation especially the poor and ordinary people. I urged all people to be vigilant enough especially on the probing of this delicate case. We must be involved in this evil mass destruction so to bring immediate justice to the victims and to their families. Let us be united this time despite of our differences. As the old saying goes, "Ask not what the nation can give to you but ask yourself what you can to your nation." Let us be united in urging the government to take measures for the restoration of our ruined nation The international community is looking in us. We have to think whom to vote for this coming election. True change is what we really need. Let us not be blinded by people who say that they are the genuine instrument and vehicle for change. Let us cast our vote for those rare entities that are willing to serve this poor country despite political affiliations. Let these happenings in our country be a guide to one and all. Let us remove all elective officials who are considered as menace of this land. PICHAY

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The only person whom we can always count to, whom we can always rely on, who is always ready to offer a helping hand and a shoulder for us to rely on is the only one- BRO! We are the indeed fortunate enough because inspite of the sins that we have committed, still BRO is there for us especially in times of difficulties. HE is always willing to impart to all of us HIS great love. Even if we are in the darkest part of our lives, still BRO did not forsake us. We should be thankful to HIM always because without HIM we are indeed nothing. Whatever possessions we have right now, whatever knowledge we have right now and whatever talent we have right now are all useless if we are not using it for the greater glory of GOD. Always remeber that life the greatest gift that must be cherished and cared for with outmost love. I may not be the right authority to say all these things, but I am just one of those billions who discovered and appreciated the reality that we have a savior - and that's BRO! Pichay

Sunday, October 4, 2009

According to Dr. Pedrina Patron, "Life without problems is not life at all".

Indeed, we were born in this vast earth to face problems and to surpass them. I also realized that during this time of crisis in most aspects of our lives, we have to hold on and entrust everything to BRO, our personal SAVIOR. We must put in to our young minds that "NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE TO HIM". We should always be ready whatever happens to us. It may be a happy or sad chapter of our life, still we have to be thankful to our Lord since all things happened for a purpose. Pichay

Note: Dr. Pedrina PaTron is my World Literature Professor


Monday, September 28, 2009

Magandang araw mga mamamayan!

Ako po ay lubos na nagdadalamhati sa sinapit ng ating kapwa Pilipino sa Luzon na kung saan sila ay nalubog sa tubig baha. Nawa ito ay makapaghatid sa atin ng magandang aral na tayo ay wag mapag samantala sa ating likas na yaman. Mga kababayan, di natin tantya ang panahon. Wala tayong sapat na lakas upang pigilan ang mga kalamidad na darating sa ating bansa. Tayo ay matutong magpahalaga sa likas na yaman na bigay ng ating PUONG MAYKAPAL. Bigyan natin ng pansin ang mga basura sa ating paligid. Tayo ay magkapit bisig para sa ika-uunlad ng ating pinakamamahal na bayan. Ako,Ikaw, Tayong lahat ay magkaisa para sa ikaliligaya at ikakapayapa ng ating mahal na Pilipinas. tayoay magdasal sa mga taong pumanaw dahil sa paghagupit ng bagyo at sa mga taong naghihirap ngayon dahil sa sinapit na kalamidad. Magtiwala kay BRO! May Bukas pa!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Ako og ikaw(Kitang tanan)

Kalimti ayaw kining inyong ubos og pobre nga alagad nga andam mudoyog kaninyo sa walay paglubad. Una sa tanan, mapasalamaton ako sa atong Labaw nga Makagagahom nga maoy tinubdan niining tanan. Ikaduha, mapasalamaton ako sa mga tawo nga andam mudawat kanako sa walay pagduhaduha. Nga gidawat ako dili tungod kay aduna akoy ikabalos kanila kun dili gidawat ako sa akong pagka ako. Mga kabatan-onan, sama kanako ako nakasabot sa inyong mga yangongo og kalagot sa atong mga tampalasan, hakog og kurakot nga mga tigdumala niining atong gipangga ug gimahal nga nasod. Busa gihagit tamong tanan nga magbantay sa inyong tagsa tagsa ka kumonidad alang sa ikalambo niining atong ginatawag og yutang natawhan. Kita ang manglimbasog aron atong makab-ot ang hustisya og tinood nga gobyerno ilalom sa mando sa atong demokratikong pangagamhanan. Ako ug ikaw, kitang tanan! Pro-Pinoy po tayong lahat- PICHAY

The 2010 National Election

This coming 2010 presidential election is considered as an avenue for CHANGE. We Filipinos, especially the youth, play a vital role in the upcoming election. This is the time to rise up from the lethargy of graft and corruption, extra-judicial killings, and other considered menace of the society. It is in this point of our life that we have to endure all the efforts we can offer to build a new nation. A nation that is democratic not just by words or by documents but also by deeds.(PICHAY)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Price of Freedom

For me, the price of the Philippine freedom is beyond measure. Our freedom is one of the most priceless gems that we ever had. Our freedom had been always at stake. From the Spanish colonization down to the Japanese and American invasions. Our freedom was also paralyzed for a decades because of the declaration of martial law. Let us not make all these things happen again. Let us make a stand to what Sen. Benigno Aquino said, that we Filipinos are worth dying for. Let us not asked what this beautiful nation can offer to us, but let us asked ourselves what can we give to the Philippines. Let us not think for ourselves but think for the common good. Fight for our freedom.-PICHAY

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mr. Siquijor

Ako si Ramie!