Tuesday, October 19, 2010



I am really upset with some people who strongly criticize the administration of President Benigno Simeon "Noynoy" Aquino III even if the president is doing his job full of integrity and sincerity. And these people are the ones who did not condemn the former Arroyo regime despite the vivid rampant corruption during those times. They instead defended the Arroyos despite the condemnation the former leader received from the people.

These people who are very critical to President Noy are not really for change. They are always looking for the negative things in the present administration without counting the positive things that are happening in the country considering that our president is just new to his job.

These personalities are presenting themselves before the public as if they are the most intelligent Filipinos and are always on the right track. But sorry to tell them, they are all wrong. I believe that these people are not worth fighting for. When the president fails, they are always in the frontline ready to slap P-Noy with malicious statements. But when the president succeeds, still they have reservations against the success.

I am a believer of the words of President Noy that “there will be no reconciliation without justice.” The masses are always at the back of the president whenever he needs them or us, ready to rally against the vagaries of this few people who seek nothing but self-interests. Nothing could change my stand against these people. Unfortunately, some of them are allies of the late Icon of Democracy and President Corazon Couangco- Aquino, the mother of P-Noy. Unluckily, they are the ones who claim after the elections that they are ready to work hand-in-hand with the government for the better.

Are they really Filipinos and for Filipinos? Sorry, but I don’t think so. I know the president was hurt by their dissenting actions every time the government is offering a helping hand for peace and justice. I, a believer of change, believe that these people do nothing but are a threat to the government.

In the hostage fiasco, do they have the right to pass the blame to the president? Is the president a superhero? Are they kidding or they are just old enough to be taught of the reality in the society. They seemed to be pre-occupied with corruption and self-centered governance.

In the amnesty of the Oakwood mutinies, who are they to question the Constitutional Privilege of the President to grant amnesty? When Arroyo offers pardon from the alleged murderers of Ninoy, have they heard any comment from the Aquino family especially from former Pres. Cory Aquino? Did they rally against the amnesty given by former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo? They did not.

In the first place, Trillanes and company are fighting for better and good governance not for corruption and money. Not like these people out there! And I think they know who they are!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Philippines is not perfect but you and me can make it so.. Let us trust our President... Instead of blaming others, let us rather help them in our own little ways.. Let us not only think of ourselves but let us find out what help we can contribute to strengthen this nation. Let us first ask ourselves whether we have done something for this nation because if we haven't then we are barking on the wrong tree.

Thursday, August 5, 2010



CHEd rates NORSU a top school for BSN
By Ramie L. Bulaybulay Jr.

THE COMMISSION ON Higher Education (CHED) cited Negros Oriental State University (NORSU) as one of the top performing schools offering Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) in the whole country.

This was based on the 2009 Nurse Licensure Examinations (NLE), where 17 pioneering examinees from NORSU who passed, giving the university an automatic 100 percent passing rate.

According to the announcement released by CHED, the top-performing schools offering BSN were rated based on the results of the recent NLE, with 40.70 percent national passing average set by the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC), while for those who got higher than the set average was based from the school’s number of board takers.

For range three [those schools with 10 to 99 takers], NORSU Main Campus I shares the number one spot as top nursing performing school with Bukidnon State College- Malaybalay Campus and University of the Philippines- Manila Campus, both of which also acquired a 100 percent passing rate.

Meanwhile, Far Eastern University- Manila Campus topped the range one post [those schools with 1,000 and up takers] with 1, 982 passers out of 2, 656 takers or 74.62 passing rate. Whereas for range two [those schools with 100 to 999 takers], the number one top nursing school is Saint Paul University-Iloilo Campus who got a 100 percent passing rate.

In an interview, University President Henry A. Sojor said that the whole NORSU community is happy and proud of CHED’s announcement citing the university as one of the top performing nursing schools for range three. “We are all happy and we are all proud of that achievement and we directly give our appreciation to the College of Nursing [Dentistry, Pharmacy, and Allied Health Sciences (CNDPAHS)] faculty and staff, and to the graduates themselves,” Sojor remarked.

“I believe in the potentials of every Norsunian [and] whether you are poor or rich, intelligence does not distinguish and that proves that even if Norsunians come from poor families they have the intelligence and this intelligence can be shaped and developed in NORSU and it is my hope as president in this university,” the university president pointed out.

Asked for her reaction, BSN freshman Lovely Angelith Unajan said that with that announcement, she is very proud of NORSU. She added that she decided to enroll in NORSU due to the school’s affordable tuition fee while enjoying a high standard instruction. Having not seen the CNDPAHS’ equipment yet, she is optimistic that the college has enough facilities.

Another freshman BSN student Petty Juga Nacario echoed the same sentiment, expressing her happiness to all the pioneering nursing students who passed during the recent NLE. Moreover, she hopes that the university will continue it’s excellence in bringing pride. “NORSU is very excellent in the field of nursing even if it’s a public school,” proving wrong the common notions of the public that once a school pays high, the standard is also high, she emphasized.

Student Government of Dumaguete City I President Mary Dawn Valencia expressed her gratefulness with the said announcement. She added that the good news will encourage and inspire many students to enroll and to keep the good work, not just in BSN but to all courses offered by NORSU. (Publised by The NORSUnian, the Official Student publication of Negros Oriental State University)

Congrats Norsunians!!!

Ang Isla’ng Gimahal Ko!

By Ramie L. Bulaybulay Jr.

Siquijor, Siquijor

Ikaw ang yuta’ng ako’ng gihandum

Ang isla’ng kanunay ko’ng higugmaon,

Wala’y makalupig sa imong katahum

Tungod kay kanunay kamang amumahon.

Ikaw ang gigikanan sa ako’ng paglaum

Bisan na kon ikaw usa ka yuta’ng batuon,

Wala’y sama ang imong mga talan-awon

Nga daw susama sa usa ka bililho’ng bituon.

Ikaw usa ka gasa gikan sa Kahitas-an

Nga dili mabayran bisan unsa paman,

Kay ang imo’ng bugti susama sa usa ka kinabuhi

Nga wala’y maitandi bisan unsa’ng bahandi.

Ikaw ang tinuod nga yuta’ng gipanaad

Kay daghan ang kanimo nag-alagad,

Salamat sa wala’y pu-as nga pagpaambit sa mga bahandi mo

Ilabi na sa pagpapuyo ug pag-amuma kanamo.

Dili masukod ang kahigayunan nga gihatag mo

Tungod niini magpabilin kang tipik sa among tagsa-tagsa ka kinabuhi,

Kay ikaw lang gihapon ang nag-inusarang yuta sa amo’ng kasing-kasing

Ang isla’ng mao’y tinubdan sa kaalam nga hinagiban sa amo’ng kalampusan

Apan bisan sa mga kaayo nga gipaambit mo kanamo

Gitamas-tamasan ug gidagmalan lang gihapon ka,

Bisan wala sila’y igong kapasikaran

Inanay nilang giguba ang imong bulawanong ginghari-an.

Apan ako ang musaad ug manumpa kanimo

Nga ako mubalik sa tukma’ng panahon,

Og pakgangon ang pagpasakit diha kanimo

Tungod kay ikaw ang isla’ng gimahal ko!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My dear Siquijor!
-I hope that the next administration would not only focus on major key cities and areas in the country but may they also consider the improvement and development of poor provinces in the country like SIQUIJOR. Siquijor is part of the Philippines and they should be reminded of this.......

Monday, February 8, 2010

Take it or leave it.

This is the phrase that each one of us should always be reminded of specially that the 2010 elections is drawing nearer. Now, the challenge lies behind us-youth. This is the time to reflect on what are we going to do so that true change will reign in this country for the betterment of our citizens. We should not wait for others to act on our behalf. Remember, we should always be responsible for every act we are going to take. Let us stop procrastination if we really want true change for this land that has been left behind by many countries in terms of progress and development. Many says that youth are the true hope for every nation. Now, the question is: Where are the youths of the Philippines. We should always be prepared especially that we are the genuine holder of the key that would lead us to genuine change. Change for the better. Change for true freedom. Change for clean politics. Change for the educational systems and instruction. Change for equal protection. Change for true Christians. We will be able to obtain these aspirations and changes that all of us are hoping for if each and everyone of us will accept the challenge. Let us not waste our single vote. Every vote counts. Every vote could make as difference. Every vote could be an agent for change that all of us are hoping for. Now, the challenge is within yourself. Take it or leave it. Let us act because through our correct and right actions the very hope for change will be met.

Ramie "Prof. Dice""Pichay"