Monday, November 30, 2009

Maguindanao Massacre

In behalf of my fellow Siquijodnons, I greatly condemn the massacre that took place last November 23 killing more that 60 persons. It was a barbaric act that is not of human but of an animal. Being a student journalist and being an ordinary people, I would like to ask the President of the Republic of the Philippines to take immediate action in the heinous act that happened in Maguindanao. Being a leader, she should let justice rains amid political ties and political debts. Her tasked is not to protect the political dynasties that brought her to the highest post in the land, but to safeguard the entire nation especially the poor and ordinary people. I urged all people to be vigilant enough especially on the probing of this delicate case. We must be involved in this evil mass destruction so to bring immediate justice to the victims and to their families. Let us be united this time despite of our differences. As the old saying goes, "Ask not what the nation can give to you but ask yourself what you can to your nation." Let us be united in urging the government to take measures for the restoration of our ruined nation The international community is looking in us. We have to think whom to vote for this coming election. True change is what we really need. Let us not be blinded by people who say that they are the genuine instrument and vehicle for change. Let us cast our vote for those rare entities that are willing to serve this poor country despite political affiliations. Let these happenings in our country be a guide to one and all. Let us remove all elective officials who are considered as menace of this land. PICHAY